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Why video games are good for you?

Why video games are good for you?

Whether video games are good for health is a matter of debate and the debate continues. People are of the opinion that playing video games is harmful to health but the scientific results of video game studies are contrary to popular belief.

Here’re 10 scientifically proved advantages of video games

1. Slow down aging

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Just like a healthy exercising routine could make you appear younger than you are, you can also keep retaining your mental power with the help of exercises. Researchers at the University of Iowa proved that playing video games reduces the effects of aging on the mind. Playing video games is a great way to exercise your brain.

2. Better decision making

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Video games have moving peripheral images and the players require good reception of sensory data to play the games. In other words, playing video games improves the reception power of sensory data that boosts the decision-making power of players.

3. Improve eyesight

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There are scientific reasons to believe that playing video games improve eyesight. In 2009, a study on the eyesight of gamers and non-gamers was conducted and it was found that the gamers that play games like Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004 had better vision than non-gamers.

4. Gamers are more social

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Studies from three different institutions in the UK and Canada revealed that those who participate in live video games form strong social relationships in comparison to others. This theory rules out the allegation that video gamers are introvert.

5. Boost learning power

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Contrary to popular belief that spending time with video games is bad for studies, it is proved that playing video games boost the learning power. When you want to play a new game, you learn about it and in this way, you improve your learning capacity.

6. Better hand-eye coordination

Medical and engineering profession requires better hand-eye coordination and for this reason, surgeons and engineers are asked to practice on a virtual platform to build better coordination between their hands and eyes. But the scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch found that playing video games helps in developing better hand-eye coordination. The findings are based on a study conducted on gamers and non-gamers.

7. Improved focus

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One of the biggest advantages of playing video games is this activity improves focus and attention. It is so because the games require attention. You simply can’t play without focusing on a game. The more you play, the more you develop your focusing power.

8. Treat depression

There are video games that take players to a virtual world where the players forget all their appointments and assignments. While it would be too early to say anything clearly on this advantage but there are scientific evidence that give hints of depression lowering the power of video games.

9. Stay fit with video games

The new-age games come with motion control sensors that require gamers to remain mobile for playing. Wii Sports and Wii Fit are good examples of energy gaming found in retirement homes and hospitals.

10. Help couples

Playing video games is a great way to rest, relax and have fun together. Couples can play together and, in this way, have a great time playing video games. They can take it as an opportunity to spend some quality time together.


Video games have become an integral part of the entertainment industry. They present an intelligent mix of sports and videos. But there are many misconceptions about video games. Kids are asked to stay away from these games and adults are warned of the harmful effects of video games. But there is a need to do an in-depth study of the advantages and disadvantages of video games.

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