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How do classified ads help in online marketing?

If there is anything in digital marketing that you can rely on then they are classified ads. And there are numerous reasons for relying on this form of advertising. It is simple, quick, and cheaper in comparison to others. Also, you can see that it gives quick results.

Free to use….

There are a number of places like ListPe, where you can post free classified ads to promote your business. And you can go on posting any number of advertisements as you want. It is like trying again and again until you succeed.

Readily available….

There is little need for hiring an author to pen free classified ads when anyone with a good understanding of knowledge can write marketing copies. These advertisements are short hence you don’t have to be a wordsmith to write ad copies.


It is only this form of advertising that provides the freedom to recreate ads by making a few changes like keyword placement and form of writing. And you won’t mind making small edits on an ad copy to make it more appealing.

Quick traffic and immediate sale….

A fee ad copy with a short bio of your company in a link pointing to your site will act as a traffic driver for your site. Keywords will target potential customers; crisp ad copy will engage viewers and the link will trigger them to land on your site for more info.

Long term relationship….

This advantage stems from the others. If viewers see your advertisement frequently and, on every platform, they will become familiar with your brand and the products/services offered. And it will certainly be the start of a relationship.

Quick and easy….

It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes in posting classifieds in different platforms. You can even look for tools that can make your task a lot easier.

Convenient targeting….

Divided into different categories that include everything you can think of, classifieds can help in targeting your audiences. You only need to post your ads in the right category and leave the rest of the job on the platform.

Easy tracking….

It is easier to track the results of classifieds. Also, you can quickly make changes to those ad copies that are slow in delivery or that are overlooked by the targeted audiences.

Accommodate needs….

It is easier to address the seasonal variations in the needs, interests, and behavior of targeted audiences with classifieds. You are free to change your advertising pattern to accommodate the needs of the targeted markets.

The Internet is a larger marketplace but at the same time, it is more competitive than the traditional market. While search marketing and social media would remain the prime source of your web traffic, free classified ads would work as an aid to your digital marketing campaigns.


How to start advertising on classified sites?

You can easily find a classified site and post free classified ads about anything related to your blog, website, product, service, business or anything that you want to highlight on the web.

Is there any technicality involved in writing classifieds?

Yes, there is and it is related to different parts of an ad copy. It carries a description that could be up to 100 words or longer, in some cases, or depending on the needs of the brand promoted. Also, it has a heading that should reflect the objective of the advertisement.

Could I go on posting as many classifieds as I need?

Yes, you can. Since it is free and there are many platforms where you can post ads, you can go on posting your ads. But if you are really serious about the result then you should follow a detailed marketing plan.

Would I need paying for classified posting in future?

If you feel that you should buy space in listing websites, you are free to take a decision in this regard. But there is little need to invest money on classifieds when you have the option to post ads for free.

Should I hire an ad agency for help?

It is a great idea as working with a professional is always beneficial. It would cost you a price but you will agree that an experienced digital marketing agency could provide real help. But you can try on yourself to keep it free.

How much time do I need waiting to see results?

Luckily, your classifieds will take little time in showing results. You can see your ad published as soon as it is posted. And if things are done in the right way, you will soon start getting results.

How could I track my classifieds?

Easy tracking is an excellent feature of classifieds. You don’t have to work hard to track viewers as there are trackers that will keep you updated about clicks and views.

Would it be helpful in SEO?

In search marketing, you look for potential customers using keywords. Here, you rely on search results but the ultimate objective is to get organic traffic. And you will be surprised to know that classifieds will also give organic traffic. In the long run, these ads will drive natural traffic to your site.

Will the ads make my site popular?

It is an added benefit of classifieds. The viewers that will see your ads continuously will find your brand familiar and they will start relying on your brand. If you continue posting classifieds, your site will grow in popularity in a short time.

How will classifieds affect my social media presence?

You can easily convert your viewers into followers on social media. And it will be a win-win situation. The classifieds will highlight your presence and give organic traffic in the long run. And those will see your classifieds will become your followers on the social media.

How will the classifieds get visibility?

Classified ads posting sites are high traffic platforms where you will find relevant traffic. Your only job is to post ads and leave the job of traffic generation on the platforms.